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Badminton Games

26/09/2017 @Bishan Sport Hall 10am-1pm (TOs)

Guest Fee: $6/player
10am - C2,3,4
11am - C2,3,4
12nn - C2,4.

  1. BEN
  2. Sonia
  3. Yingwen
  4. Ningning
  5. Bruce Kam
  6. Jim
  7. Bas
  8. Ng CL
  9. Kelvin ng
  10. Vivian liao
  11. Mike Leong
  12. Kent
  13. Michelle
  14. [Slot available]
  15. [Slot available]
  16. [Slot available]
  17. [Slot available]
  18. [Slot available]
  19. [Slot available]
  20. [Slot available]


We have a passion for badminton, and an ultimate objective in helping to promote a better and healthier lifestyle through badminton.

With a commitment to serve & support the badminton sports community, we hope to encourage more of the general public to be engaged with the sport, for leisure or competitions.