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Badminton Games

24/01/2018 @YCK Sports Hall 10am-12nn (ABC)

Guest Fee: $5.00
10am - C1,5
11am - C1,5.

  1. ,,
  2. Yeen
  3. Jimmy
  4. Mr Wee
  5. Jessa
  6. Andy
  7. [Slot available]
  8. [Slot available]
  9. [Slot available]
  10. [Slot available]
  11. [Slot available]
  12. [Slot available]
  13. [Slot available]
  14. [Slot available]


We have a passion for badminton, and an ultimate objective in helping to promote a better and healthier lifestyle through badminton.

With a commitment to serve & support the badminton sports community, we hope to encourage more of the general public to be engaged with the sport, for leisure or competitions.