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    MB G-Class

    MB G-Class Shuttlecock is manufactured in the largest shuttlecock collection and distribution centre and feather processing centre in China. The ideal location allows the manufacturer to enjoy a steady supply of resources needed to produce top quality shuttlecocks. Through the use of only the best materials such as superior quality feathers and top grade cork base, MB shuttlecock is a class of its own in every sense of the word.

    The entire production process meets international standards in shuttlecock production. It involving more than 30 stages is carried out and closely supervised by a team of highly skilled and experienced technical personnel. The adherence of international standards that include stringent quality control ensures that every MB shuttlecock is of the highest quality. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, MB shuttlecock is durable, gives the player a good feel during a match and is great value for money.
    The factory producing MB G-Class shuttlecock is ISO9001 accredited and pass the most stringent quality control and tested according to BWF standard.

    MB G-Class 500 is the 1st local brand shuttlecock made of special grade all round goose feathers with full natural cork base manufactured and tested according to BWF standard.

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    G-Class 200
    3rd Grade Goose Feather. 2 ply Cork Base(natural+PU) Flight : AB+ Speed : #7..
    G-Class 300
    2nd Grade Goose Feather. 2 ply Cork Base(natural+PU) Flight : AB+ Speed : #7..
    G-Class 400
    1st Grade Goose Feather. 3 ply Cork Base(natural+PU+natural) Flight : A+ Speed : ..
    G-Class 500
    Special Grade Goose Feather. Full Natural Cork Base. Flight : A+ Speed : #76 & #77 Th..