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    Product Code: COMBO-6010T
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    Price: S$2,389.00
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    Professional Micro-computer stringing machine (Table Top)

    Tension System:
    ~ Microsoft Electronic control Version 3.0 gives more accuracy.
    ~ Digital electronic integrated circuit with keypad and LED display.
    ~ Electronic control and continuous tensioning fixture prevent loss in tension.
    ~ inline ball bearings clamping mechanism minimize damage to string.
    ~ Range of tension from 10 Lbs.to 90 Lbs.(4kg to 40 kg) with an accuracy of 0.1 Lbs.
    ~ change in imperial & metric can be done by a click of a button.

    Clamping System:
    ~ 6 points floating clamping with 10 points supports prevent racket frame distortion.
    ~ adjustable clamping necks and left/right individual clamping arms for different sizes and shape of racket.
    ~ ‘K’ shape racket frame holder can use for both badminton and tennis racket.
    ~ 360⁰ turn table, clamp holders & clamps provide smoother operation.

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