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    Racket Stringing

    Is your racket being tensioned by a calibrated stringing machine
    according to the standard set by a National/International Standard Body ?
    Is your racket being tensioned by a trained racket stringer
    recognised by
    International Racquet Association ? 

    To ensure fair-trading for consumers in getting what they pay for, you should look for a racket stringing service provider who maintains, service and calibrates their stringing machine to meet the required accuracy standard set by National Standards Body.
    In order to maintain consistent and accurate tension of our stringing machines, all MB stringing machines are calibrated regularly with a certified measuring instrument.

    This instrument is calibrated by means of approved weights with accuracy tested by SPRING National Measurement Center / SETSCO Services Calibration Center.

    As a member of China Racquet Stringers Association, we have trained to advice you the best racquet and stringing for your game. And we are educated, informed, and up to date on the latest racquets, strings, grips, accessories, and stringing techniques.

     Re-Stringing check list :

    • grommet
    • frame
    • shaft
    • handle / grip

    When you send your racket for re-stringing with us, we provide free checking of racket frame/shaft for crack, free replacement of damaged gromets, free touch up of handle/grip finishing tape.